Monday, December 26, 2011

Welcome 2012 Giveaway

It's been a good year for this blog. It has been a slow progress but considering how busy I was and how much traveling I had to do this year, I am quite happy with the 92 blog posts that I have managed to write. The followers have also grown from 1 to 22. Not too bad eh? I make 22 horny souls hornier. Hehehe! Kidding aside, I think having more followers would motivate me to write more regularly I suppose.

I would like to thank everyone for following my blog and for recommending this read to your friends. I would like to thank all those who has left comments to ask a questions or to just say what they have in their minds. In line with this, I would be having a giveaway that will start today until the middle of January 13 (16th month of this blog).

I will be giving out US$80++ worth of merchandise (face value) from EdenFantasys!!! I wish I can join my own contest. Hahaha! Anyway, this will be open in every country where EdenFantasys ships its products. This giveaway is not sponsored but will come from my GC stash. There will be 1 winner of US$50 and 1 winner of US$30 and 1 bonus winner of an item that I really love from the site.

As you all know EdenFantasys has also recently launched their makeup line. There are some nice items for eyes, lips and body. I want everything actually. Haha! For this giveaway, the winner may choose any product in the website (including any of the sex toys, lingeries, books or adult toy accessories). Sounds exciting yeah? I'm sure nothing beats the excitement when you finally use what you will win already...

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

So, be sure to follow the instructions and earn entry points using the Rafflecopter. Pleas eensure to leave only one comment with all the requirements. Rafflecopter is fairly easy to use. Please let me know if you have any questions or clarifications.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Of Marilyn, Lindsay and Playboy

The leaked pictures show the curvy actress channeling Marilyn Monroe, flirting with the camera in a series of soft porn-style poses lying, kneeling or stretching herself voluptuously against red velvet drapery.

The actress had wanted $1 million for the Playboy spread and balked at an initial offer of $750,000 -- but Hefner eventually made an offer near enough to $1 million to entice her, celebrity news website TMZ reported.

I wonder where her freckles went? Ah well, makeup and photoshop did the trick I suppose. Some pictures still show some freckles but the lighting made it appear like she didn't have any at all. 

Enjoy the pictures...