Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: California Exotics Waterproof Jack Rabbit

So this is my first review of a sex toy. Yes, you read it right, a sex toy. I am going to review the Waterproof Jack Rabbit by California Exotics. I bought this toy from EdenFantasys for $49.99 (approx Php2150). This toy is made out of jelly rubber and it is pink. This vibe is firm when touched yet soft and supple to provide comfortable contact and stimulation.

The Waterproof Jack Rabbit features the traditional rabbit shaped clit stimulator which has three contact points for vibrating stimulation, the two ears and the bunny's nose, to help you reach new heights of orgasmic ecstasy. It also features an independently rotating shaft that has metal beads inside that will not jam up. The beads rotate on a central pivot point, as you will find in other rabbit style vibes from California Exotics, which makes for a longer lasting rotation than loose pearls or beads inside the shaft. And best of all, these beads can rotate whichever way you want as the vibe features a reverse rotation button. With 3 speeds of rotation and vibration, you're sure to find a combination that will tickle your fancy and delight your kinky side. - EdenFantasys

This toy is part of my first order and the anticipation while I waited for my package to arrive was indescribable. The moment I got home after picking up the package from the post office I could hardly control myself. I tore open the packaging and stared at the bright pink wonder toy. The first thing I noticed was the very simple packaging. It was just a clear sealed plastic bag. No more paper illustration, no more flyers, no more hard plastic casing. It's just the rabbit in all its pink glory.

The next thing I noticed was the rather strong rubbery smell which turned me off. I was scared to use it. I cleaned it off and the smell got more bearable. Cleaning your toy is always a good practice before you try it out. I then put on the required 3 AA batteries and figured out all the button functions. There is no power on or off button. Instead it has 7 buttons (3 buttons for the rabbit and 3 buttons for the shaft and a button for the direction of the shaft (clockwise or counterclockwise). At least, it's not that all boring. The three buttons were for low vibration, medium vibration and high vibration for the rabbit and low speed, medium speed and high speed for the shaft.

The first time I used it, I came in approximately 3 minutes (alternating speed). I used just the rabbit and not the shaft. I think it is too big for me and I might use the shaft with the help of "the boyfriend" for some needed natural lubrication. That is if we still remember to use a toy. Haha! And oh, this toy gets 4 vrooms (on a scale of 1 to 5) for me. The sound gets 3 bees (on a scale of 1 to 5) and can be masked by my AC when it is set on low speed but when on a high speed the sound may be heard on a closed door. So if you have roommates, make sure you turn your speakers on to mask the noise before you start your playtime.

The jack rabbit has long ears and a nose and is a very good clit stimulator. It just hits the spot anytime I use it. Since I haven't inserted this toy yet I could not attest as to how powerful the rotating metal beads are but I tried applying pressure to it to simulate clamping and it continued to rotate. I can only imagine its effect on my pussy walls if I decide to use it. This toy is about 10 inches in length with an insertable length of 5 inches and the circumference is 5 inches as well.

One thing I love about this toy is its being waterproof. Since it is waterproof, it is super easy to clean and store. Apart from that, this toy is not a battery eater too. It just keeps going and going and going. I have used it for approximately 3 hours total and I still have the same batteries I used when I first got it.

This toy has been a favorite since I first used it. It has become a benchmark for other rabbits I own and will eventually own. I just need to however prep myself to use the insertable shaft one of these days to utilize this to its full potential.

For the girls, if you haven't tried any vibrating toys yet, I would recommend this product to you. For the guys, if you want to gift your girlfriend a toy that they would love just as I have grown to love it, then this is the perfect gift.

Brie's Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sexy Sunday Series 10

It's Sexy Sunday again and let me give you more reasons to stay indoors for some tender lovin'... No nudity this time. Just plain ole Victoria's Secret angels, including my girl crush Adriana Lima...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Be Sensual

To be sensual, I think, is to respect and rejoice in the force of life, of life itself and so to be present in all that one does, from the effort of loving to the breaking of bread. - James Baldwin

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sexy Sunday Series 9

It's Sexy Sunday again and let me give you reasons to stay indoors for some lovin'...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Got Featured

I haven't really advertised my blog as I still consider this my secret blog so imagine my surprise when Rose of Rogasmic featured me in her blog:

Behind Closed Doors - Brie seems like an intelligent and independent young woman. If Nadezhda Iskra is all about SEX SEX SEX, her sensual and poetic style of writing will remind you of making love in a bubble bath with rose petals scattered in the silky water, drinking red wine, breathing in the aroma of scented candles, soft music playing in the background —- you get the idea. Her posts are filled with arousing photos, to help you get off visualize her erotic writing. - Rose

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and being a follower. I am happy that I can help y'all get off. Hehe!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Up For Some Testing

I finally received the items I ordered from EdenFantasys about a week ago. I was not able to write immediately because I got too busy at work and I had to attend a few events. I am now a happy owner of some brand-spanking new toys. The order process in the website was seamless and I like that there is a way to compare one product from the other. The price filter as well as product descriptions helped me decide which to pick too. Not to mention the reviews of the website patrons.

I picked up the following: 2 cans of Silky Sheets in Mystical Musk, a Night Rider Stud (it's a black vibe), apron polka dot babydoll, 2 packs of Trojan condoms, The Book of Love, Cosmo's steamy sex games, a waterproof jack rabbit (hot pink vibe), a glass wand, a toy pouch, honeymoon kit and True Love (a pink and clear vibe). I got a mini rocket-bullet for free. My orders total was $320.38 after a savings of $74.49 and shipping to the Philippines was pegged at $44.50 so overall I paid $364.88. After I placed my orders, the waiting game began. It took about exactly two weeks before I was able to claim my parcel. The parcel came in a brown UPS box and the items were all dunked inside. I am not sure if it was the customs people who messed it all up. I was asked to pay about $50.00 customs tax to claim everything if not they will confiscate. How dare them? Anyhow, my blood boiled at the post office but managed to keep my cool (and that's another story).

I will write a comprehensive review of the products I ordered once I've tried each of them. For now, I am just like a little kid ogling the new toys in their boxes.

WOULD I REPURCHASE? For sure, I will. Maybe several lingeries next time.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tonic of Wildness

We need the tonic of wildness. … At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be infinitely wild, unsurveyed, and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature. 
Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's You I Crave

I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.
Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets.
Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day
I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.

I hunger for your sleek laugh,
your hands the color of a savage harvest,
hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails,
I want to eat your skin like a whole almond.

I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body,
the sovereign nose of your arrogant face,
I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes,
and I pace around hungry, sniffling the twilight,
hunting for you, for your hot heart,
like a puma in the barrens of QuitratĂșe.

Pablo Neruda, “One Hundred Love Sonnets: Morning, XI”

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

He Makes Me Feel Like...

He makes me feel more alive than anybody else. What has he done to me to make me feel this way? Is it passion sparking of an unstable fire? Is it lust in his lips? Or is it love in my eyes? All I know is I am happy. Finally, realistically happy. What can I do? I want to be forever lost in the depth of his eyes. Wandering aimlessly, alive and amazed that such a thing could happen to me. How is all I can wonder.

The touch of his lips against my skin. The depth that I feel in his whole. What can this be if it is now? Can it be real and true? I wait as the days pass, each growing richer than the one before. Full of light and desire. Hope and fullfilment. I need his touch, his kiss. The sound of his voice resounds. I long every second I am away from him. Knowing that soon we will come together in a thunderous rage. Both eager. Both willing. The need to great to stay apart for too long.

His eyes fill when he sees me. Mine glow as equally. My skin warm from the desire we feel. The need to be close. Emptiness chased away by the presence of him. Touch me. Now. Take me away from Hell and call my name out loud to those who do not know me. Tell them I am yours as you hold me to you, fighting through the cold to lay me down on a billowing blanket of hope.

My eyes close. His lips touch me. Kisses falling like spilled drops of wine. Sweet. Tender. I am whole. - Eros Painter

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sex and Passion

“Anyone who is observant, who discovers the person they have always dreamed of, knows that sexual energy comes into play before sex even takes place. The greatest pleasure isn’t sex, but the passion with which it is practiced. When the passion is intense, then sex joins in to complete the dance, but it is never the principal aim.” — Paulo Coelho (Eleven Minutes)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sexy Sunday Series 7

This post is dedicated to one of my readers who got seriously turned on the first time he visited this blog. Please feel free to come back again. You are most welcome any day. Take care in The Land Down Under.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

They Call It Chemistry

“One thing I do know about intimacy is that there are certain natural laws which govern the sexual experience of two people, and that these laws cannot be budged any more than gravity can be negotiated with. To feel physically comfortable with someone else’s body is not a decision you can make. It has very little to do with how two people think or act or talk or even look. The mysterious magnet is either there, buried somewhere deep behind the sternum, or it is not. When it isn’t there (as I have learned in the past, with heartbreaking clarity) you can no more force it to exist than a surgeon can force a patient’s body to accept a kidney from the wrong donor. My friend Annie says it all comes down to one simple question: “Do you want your belly pressed against this person’s belly forever —or not?” — Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

Friday, April 1, 2011

I Miss Sleep And My Dreams

I had not slept more than five hours a night in over four years. I was a woman who used to sleep ten, eleven hours a night. Sleep was so sweet to me I could taste it. I could taste a good nap like a bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich on fresh French bread. It was not only the rest I missed. I missed my dreams, God, I missed my dreams. Even the dark ones. – Rebecca Wells, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood