Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Up For Some Testing

I finally received the items I ordered from EdenFantasys about a week ago. I was not able to write immediately because I got too busy at work and I had to attend a few events. I am now a happy owner of some brand-spanking new toys. The order process in the website was seamless and I like that there is a way to compare one product from the other. The price filter as well as product descriptions helped me decide which to pick too. Not to mention the reviews of the website patrons.

I picked up the following: 2 cans of Silky Sheets in Mystical Musk, a Night Rider Stud (it's a black vibe), apron polka dot babydoll, 2 packs of Trojan condoms, The Book of Love, Cosmo's steamy sex games, a waterproof jack rabbit (hot pink vibe), a glass wand, a toy pouch, honeymoon kit and True Love (a pink and clear vibe). I got a mini rocket-bullet for free. My orders total was $320.38 after a savings of $74.49 and shipping to the Philippines was pegged at $44.50 so overall I paid $364.88. After I placed my orders, the waiting game began. It took about exactly two weeks before I was able to claim my parcel. The parcel came in a brown UPS box and the items were all dunked inside. I am not sure if it was the customs people who messed it all up. I was asked to pay about $50.00 customs tax to claim everything if not they will confiscate. How dare them? Anyhow, my blood boiled at the post office but managed to keep my cool (and that's another story).

I will write a comprehensive review of the products I ordered once I've tried each of them. For now, I am just like a little kid ogling the new toys in their boxes.

WOULD I REPURCHASE? For sure, I will. Maybe several lingeries next time.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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Cougar in Training said...

I love Eden Fantasys...can't wait to read your reviews!