Tuesday, April 5, 2011

He Makes Me Feel Like...

He makes me feel more alive than anybody else. What has he done to me to make me feel this way? Is it passion sparking of an unstable fire? Is it lust in his lips? Or is it love in my eyes? All I know is I am happy. Finally, realistically happy. What can I do? I want to be forever lost in the depth of his eyes. Wandering aimlessly, alive and amazed that such a thing could happen to me. How is all I can wonder.

The touch of his lips against my skin. The depth that I feel in his whole. What can this be if it is now? Can it be real and true? I wait as the days pass, each growing richer than the one before. Full of light and desire. Hope and fullfilment. I need his touch, his kiss. The sound of his voice resounds. I long every second I am away from him. Knowing that soon we will come together in a thunderous rage. Both eager. Both willing. The need to great to stay apart for too long.

His eyes fill when he sees me. Mine glow as equally. My skin warm from the desire we feel. The need to be close. Emptiness chased away by the presence of him. Touch me. Now. Take me away from Hell and call my name out loud to those who do not know me. Tell them I am yours as you hold me to you, fighting through the cold to lay me down on a billowing blanket of hope.

My eyes close. His lips touch me. Kisses falling like spilled drops of wine. Sweet. Tender. I am whole. - Eros Painter

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