Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tell It To The Marines

I think my backside is the sexiest part of my body and Mr. Semper Fi loves spanking that naughty ass...

I was just about to start my day when my text message alert went off. "Hey, what are you up to tonight? Wanna hang?" (Oh yes, I start my day at 1AM, I got pretty weird schedule at work). It was Mr. Semper Fi, a guy I have been talking to online for the past 3 months. He just finished his Afghanistan tour of duty and right after getting back to the US, he decided to fly here to the Philippines. I'd like to believe he wants to see me and I refuse to entertain any other reason. I guess our steamy talks and overflowing innuendos has burnt his pants and he wants it soaked. This all happened back in April and I thought his text was one of those April Fools Day jokes. He went to a bar to chill while waiting for me and he hurried back to his hotel when I called him to say that I was on my way. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips as soon as we saw each other for real for the first time. We then went up and started talking and then one thing led to another, next thing I knew he was on top of me looking straight to my eyes as if asking me in silence if he can make me his own for the rest of the night.

Mr. Semper Fi is a 25 year-old US Marine Corps Sergeant. He still had that boyish-charm and that naughty grin, my kind of American boy. I never thought tattoo could be hot until I saw his arms covered. Awwww, I could melt!

It was short but all worth it. I basked in the bliss of the moment after we made love. He was so gentle and every thrust speaks of love. At least that’s how I read his actions. He held me like he loved me, like he cared for me. He kissed me like he wanted me so bad. He satisfied my every longing, he quenched my lustful thoughts. The sexual energy was so strong between us. We were bursting with desire and every touch was a sure way to hit the spot. I thought of no one else but him and I bathe in the warmth of his hugs and passionate gentle touches. He tried to reach my deepest desires and I am left in awe at how amazing he was in bed. I have never made love to anyone as intense as we did. I never would want to end that magical moment every time we two become one. I’ll never trade it for anything else (minus the screeching headboard).

I will write more about this rendezvous in the next posts. He just buzzed me and we are gonna start to talk again. Who knows what we will be talking about today. Yes, we are talking again and he's planning to come visit again. I wonder what I've done to lure him in like that. But I am not complaining... All of these things combined never fail to send me into a frenzied desire to be conquered and tamed by him and him alone. No one else. For now.