Friday, December 10, 2010

One Lazy Afternoon Part 1

Here's the first part of yet another story geared to make you hot and bothered...

It was one of those lazy afternoons. I was home alone, nobody to talk to, got nothing else to do but read a book. I stayed in the couch and almost halfway through reading "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" when my phone beeped prompting me that I have a message…from Adam. Yeah of course I know, I set up a different alert tone just for him. Guess he is having one lazy afternoon too. He said he wants to come over and asked if there was anything I wanted he can grab from the convenience store. I responded and told him he can grab some chips and dips or some mint chocolate chip ice cream. His picture saved in my mobile never fails to kind of tease me indirectly. His stare makes me melt instantaneously. I told myself “bring it on and yeah I need some company because I’m home alone again”. Of course, I’d wait for him to do the move or he might think of me otherwise. But yeah, I’m dying to be with him. While I was flipping pages, I heard him knock on my door and I immediately rushed to open it for him. I never bothered to change my clothes. I know he’ll love to see me in one of his shirts he gave. Sweet! He then gave me a long passionate kiss and a big tight hug and handed me the stuff he bought. I asked about his day and the works and he was so happy to tell me that he has been thinking about me all day. Well, that’s one amazing news. I have been thinking about him too.

He found the TV remote, flipped through some channels while lying on my lap but never did like any channel currently on air. And then he caught me looking at him and we locked our gaze. I was thinking about how amazingly expressive his eyes were. We stayed in that scene for God knows how long and the next thing I knew he was already kissing me and I am happily obliging. Did I say he kisses really good? I can hear him breath with our closeness. I loved the way he pushes his lips on mine and how he playfully wrestles my tongue with his. While we were kissing, his hands wandered all over my body. He was caressing my back while he licked my neck and nibbled my earlobe. I couldn’t help but let out a moan and a gasp. He took it as a go signal for him to cup my breasts. He then discovered that I wasn’t wearing any bra underneath his shirt. He must have liked it a lot. I felt his dick grow bigger inside his pants. Whatever he is planning to do, I guess I’m in. I couldn’t resist his advances which I so like. He slowly kissed my shoulders while still caressing my twins. He then decided to remove my shirt and he let out a “wow” remark when he saw my upper region. For him, it was a sight for sore eyes. He cupped one and started to lick and kiss the other. I can feel how excited I was for what’s in store. He alternately licked, sucked and kissed my oh-so-perky and firm breasts. I’m sure he loved it. I then whispered if I can take his shirt off. He willingly took it off for me. My jaw fell at the sight of his well-toned body. I loved how my skin felt against his. It was electrifying. And then he played with my thighs and caressed my “sweet spot” as he fondly calls it through the sheer red thong I wore.

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