Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top Or Bottom?

So I was busy finding ways to keep myself busy when I overheard a conversation between coworkers. They were kind of interviewing a gay officemate and the conversation went like this:

Victoria: Chuck, are you top or bottom?
Chuck: I have never been a bottom. - (Spoken with much confidence and conviction)
Victoria:: Oh really? Hypothetical question, what if you love someone and you are head over heels with the person and he wants you to be the bottom? Would you? Would you?
Chuck: Yeah, I will do it out of love. But JUST ONCE! (Spoken with anticipation)
Victoria: Oh okay.
Chuck: How about you?
Victoria: I am versa.

Hahaha! Sometimes our office is devoid of anything serious and we can openly talk about any thing and today is just one of those. I am sure you need not ask for what I would prefer. Just read the past stories I have posted. 

Happy rainy Wednesday y'all...

NOTE: Names are fictional in the interest of the sexual orientation of the officemates involved in this intriguing conversation.

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