Friday, March 9, 2012

Who's A Happy Camper?

I finally received my orders from EdenFantasys. I really like receiving packages and opening boxes and ogling at my haul. I received my orders through our local post office via USPS Global Priority Mail. It arrived in the Philippines on the 1st of March and I just claimed it yesterday. There was a little hassle that happened because my orders were tagged as electronics instead of lingeries and beauty and bath products. I did not order a single sex toy this time because I have ordered quite a few already and I have not used every single one yet. Really I am overwhelmed with my growing collection now. Maybe, I will take a picture one day so I can share them to you. Please comment below if you wanna see... I will gladly oblige.

I initially decided to order this before my trip outside the country so I can use them for my vacation but unfortunately it came too late so I'll reserve them for my next international trip next quarter. I immediately went home when I got clearance for my orders and took some pictures. Unfortunately the lighting is just so bad in my room that I decided to just swipe pictures from the website and make a collage. Here are my orders:

Have you tried any of what I ordered? I will probably write a review of these items in my next posts. In the meantime, I am now scouting some products in the website as they are currently on a St. Patrick's Day spirit. You just have to enter the code: POTOFGOLD to get 20% off sitewide. Isn't that amazing. I am definitely ordering again...

Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys


macho99 said...

Please do post photos. :D

When you do order sex toys, how are they not confiscated? :P

Brie said...

I told the Post Office people it's a gift for a bridal shower. Of course, I had to pay them under the table for them to release it. I'm sure it's not something they would have an interest in keeping for themselves. They are all pretty judgmental too but who cares.