Friday, February 8, 2013

Bring That Sexy Back

Butt. Buttocks. Junk in the trunk. Behind. Booty. Buns. Pooper. Tush. Whoopie Cakes. Tushie. Moneymaker. Fanny. Caboose. Ass. Arse. Bum. Bottom. Derriere. Backend. Backside. Rear. Rump. And a whole slew of other terms to call the hump that we are blessed (or not) with. 

I have been exercising lately after seeing quite a few pictures of girls with some nice full bottoms. I can't forever avoid making eye contact with my arse you know. Haha! Everytime I look in the mirror, I always see how nice it is some days and how I loathe it most days. I need it to be shapelier. I need it to look firmer. I think it would be nice to have a bottom that's ready for some spanking yeah? I'm sure my husband will blush when he reads this. I think his ass is firmer than  mine and I envy it. Even if he always tell me that I have a sexy ass I still think his is sexier. Oh well, let's see how mine compares to him when he comes home. 

Of course everyone knows that if you train the muscles of your behind, the end payoff would be equivalent to an expensive  butt lift procedure. So yes, I am allotting at least 30 minutes everyday to exercise my assets. 

Just look at my inspiration: 

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