Saturday, May 28, 2011

Toy Story

I could not remember the exact time or year when I started entertaining the thought of owning a sex toy. I grew up in a rather conservative family and environment let alone prude for friends and I guess it would be safe to say that my sexual awakening came too late but just in time. I owned my first toy when I was 25. It was a gift. It's funny thinking that I was there when we went to the sex toy store and I had to tell the attendant and had her wrap the toy I chose in a pretty wrapping paper and ribbon because I told her I am giving it to someone as a bridal shower gift. I guess she bought my excuse or reason or whatever. I saved myself from ridicule (from the double standard that Filipina girls shouldn't be caught alive using toys let alone buying toys). I got out of the shop with a big smile on my face. Next stop was to head straight to a convenience store to buy some batteries. I went home uber excited so to speak.

Have you had a similar experience like mine? When you had to muster all the courage to buy your very first toy? It was super different from the way when you had to go buy your Barbie's because there was no shame attached to it. The first purchase was a success but it took me another 4 years to get myself a new one. Ah, not a new one per se, I had LOTS!

Then, EdenFantasys came to my life. The online store was brimming full of choices of different toys. There sex toys for men, women, and couples. The variety gave me the same feeling as when a kid is inside a candy story. Being able to choose between jelly, eco-friendly, glass and silicone is a lot of fun plus shopping right at the comforts of your own home will save you the trip to a real store and that for me is a sure winner.

Want to know what I currently own? Here you go...

I haven't used the Night Rider Stud and the Glass Wand yet. I love the Waterproof Jack Rabbit and I despise the True Love Rabbit Vibrator (it's just too soft for me). Well, if you are ready to explore the world of toys, EdenFantasys has so much to offer. Trust me!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

NOTE: Images from the EdenFantasys website. 


meowmeow said...

i have one like the rabbit :P
hihi fun but there's a little discomfort even when lubrication.

Can you recommend something quite soft? and not too edgy something that feel like the real thing but still has a clit stimulator?

Brie said...

Hello MeowMeow, sorry for the very late response. Please standby for more updates regarding my toys. I however will recommend the True Love Rabbit Vibrator for you. It is made of very soft gel-like substance. I personally don't like it but it would be nice if you try and see if you will like it. Let me know...