Friday, December 21, 2012

Date A Girl Who Reads

Yes, you should date a girl (or a boy) who reads - take it from me. Physical attraction can last only for God knows how long. You need to be able to sustain any relationship with good conversations and that can only come from an intelligent mind who reads and never stops learning. I think I have seen a good chunk of life that I can finally conclude that a person that reads is someone that is not only educated but someone who is capable of making sound judgments, someone open to suggestions and someone who would be happy to try what they have read and are reading. I am not even going to mention about Fifty Shades of Grey or Fifty Shades Darker or Fifty Shades Freed (basically the trilogy which is by the way still being sold at EdenFantasys) here but I can only bet that if you see someone reading these books you are now secretly hoping to get this other person to bed and try out the many sexual things and innuendos mentioned in the book. Tell me if I am wrong. If you can convince me that I am wrong, I can send you a sex toy

How would you react to someone who reads the Kama Sutra? How about to a girl who reads Mastering Your Man From Head To Head? How about to a hot young lad who reads I Love Female Orgasm

As they say, the sexiest part of a person's body is his or her mind and I truly and certainly agree with this popular belief... Would you agree too?

The Naked Reader Book Club

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holden mccrotch said...

i agree! nice blog you got here, i look forward to exploring it even more ;)