Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Borrowed Story: Room 610

“Its room 610, the door will be left slightly open, go in, put on the blind and sit on the bed and wait for me, dont do anything, dont say anything, just be a good girl and sit and wait.”

the door was slightly open and she pushed on it, her heart thudding so hard she could see it through her shirt before the light of the hall disappeared, and she swore if he was on the other side of that door, he would hear it

she dropped her coat on the desk chair and saw the sleep blind on the desk, she picked it up, and laced her fingers around it to slide it on, a last shaky breath coming from her lips, almost resigned to what she was about to do, surely there was no out at this point.

She was in a strange room in a strange hotel of a strange man she had only met via the phone and emails, well she had come this far, but still, she could just put the blind back where she found it, put her coat back on, and be out in no time…..unless he was behind the door as she came in, which she wasnt sure if he was or not……but without even meaning to, she is slipping the blind over her face and fumbling toward the bed in the dark.

The blind is disorientating, the room is already dark, now everything is foreign and strange, almost unreal and dreamlike, she hears her heart thudding as she sits, waits, palms damp, and then a door closes, and she hears the lock click over and the safety chain slide and catch, she quickly pats her pants pocket, cell phone just in case….in case what?!!

He is next to her, kneeling up behind her on the bed in moments, his hand around her neck, pressing his mouth down on an exposed shoulder, pulling at the shirt she is wearing, biting down on her and pressing on her neck so roughly, she cant help but gasp, his other hand under her shirt grabbing her breast. - Writer

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