Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break Memory

When I was in college, I always looked forward to spring break. It was always fun. Every spring break is a cornucopia of memories, a moment so packed with good times, bad times and naughty times. It has always been a break full of wonderful times under the sun, partying until all our knees get so weak and tongues just muttering inaudible words.

I could never forget the time when I partied all night and had to go home carried by a guy friend who kissed me after I hurled. I didn't know whether to be shy or to slap him. We just laughed over it the next morning when I teased him how pathetic he was for kissing me at my most vulnerable state. Then again, that teasing I did gave him the balls to come up to me and ask if I can make his spring break more memorable for him. He was cute and a chiseled body plus we have been friends for too long so I thought why not. The sex was not the best but he tried and give it his all but still it ended like a case of another "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am". Yes, I popped his spring break cherry so to speak.

We're still friends until now but that spring break incident was never repeated. And let's leave it at that. Not to be cruel but I would have rather spent my time alone in bed with a few toys from EdenFantasys and I could have been happier. 

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Do you have an unforgettable spring break memory? I would love to know...Please do share. 

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