Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Miss My Silent Friend

You know I am not really talking about a real human friend right? If you don't then you probably have to read on to know who my friend is. I once was gifted a friend made of pliable rubber and a texturized shaft with an eager beaver attached to it. It bends to my will. Haha! I only have praises for my friend who stuck with me for a good two years. Yes, I can be pretty loyal. I never picked a new friend. We stuck to each other through countless batteries and orgasms put together. And I gave my friend a pet name too: P3 (PCubed for Purple Pussy Pleaser).

The piece begins with a rounded head that tapers into a multiple texturized shaft, featuring several different types of ridges, ribbing, and nubs, for incredible stimulation as you reach the attachment. This attachment is shaped like a beaver with its tongue sticking out, perfect for clitoral massage as the vibrations will shudder and shake the beaver, forcing the tongue, face, and nubbed surface to tickle and tease the burning hot spot. A large knob-dial base directs the speed and intensity of the vibrations and is ergonomically ridged for greater handling and use. Superb waterproof construction makes this piece ideal for wet and wild play, and the free satin pouch is perfect for hiding or carrying around.

My friend lies safely hidden in my cabinet and hasn't seen the light of day for more than a year now. I kind of miss it actually but I think I need a new one. I need a new friend. In fact, I am just shopping for a friend or two at  EdenFantasys website. Do you have any suggestions? I think I might buy this whole set of Vanity by Jopen. If ever I could get my hands on these pretty pink friends then I will surely review them all for you, my ever loyal readers.

I really would want a new friend again...for sure!

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