Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Brie Is Back

Oh hello there my dear readers!!! Sorry if I have been MIA for sooooooo long. It has been seven months since I last posted something here in this blog. Well, if you would allow me to explain, I will! I was gone for awhile because I prepared for a very important episode in my life. It was a crazy seven months but I have no regrets. Life has turned to another direction for me and I can only be happy. 

You may now officially call me Mrs. Brie. Yes, I am married and officially off the market. Oh and yeah, sex was and is awesome! I kid you not. I am still debating against myself if I would share the juicy bits of what happened behind closed doors so just watch out for it because I just might. Maybe I would require some prodding so let me know if you want to listen, I would gladly oblige. 

Let me share to you a sneak peak of the lingerie I brought with me on our honeymoon. I brought some babydolls which I bought from EdenFantasys. Of course, those little lacy things didn't take much time until they were all off my body again. My husband likes black and red so I got some black and red ones and then I also bought a white babydoll for that once-in-a-lifetime wondrous feeling of being a bride. And oh, we did not bring any sextoy with us so it's just me and him and our hands, tongue, dick and pussy. The toys will have there own sweet time one of these days. For our honeymoon, we chose to just be alone together.

Photo Credits: EdenFantasys website. You may visit the site for some awesome Thanksgiving Day offers. Give thanks for sexy times! How appropriate? 

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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