Monday, September 13, 2010

Let's Call Him Mr. Flintstones, He Made My Bed Rock! Part 2

"Tag, you're it!"

He then laid me on his bed and started to kiss me. There was an unbelievable wave of electricity that sent shivers down my spine as soon as he kissed me with his soft lips. He likes tongue on tongue action. He looked at me like he wanted me so bad and I could not say no. He got me with those eyes plus the fact that I have been thinking about doing it with him lately. He felt my ass as he made his way under my skirt. He let out a moan as soon as he felt that I was wearing some little thing down there. He skillfully removed my purple lacy g-string while he pulled me on top of him. My wetness grazed through his hard cock and it just made me all the more wet. He removed my tee and my bra quickly and began pleasing the twins, cupping them and licking my nipples. I can only moan as I whispered to him "Bite 'em!". He happily obliged as I guided his hands to squeeze the other one harder as he licked and sucked the other one. I knew at that point that any moment his rock hard cock will be entering me already. I was so full of lust, thoughts and all. And I wasn't wrong, he slid his cock inside and damn it felt soooo good. He held me close and whispered to my ear, "Is this what you want? How does my hard cock feel inside you?" to which I replied, "Yes, I have been wanting this and your cock feels so good inside me."

I leaned forward so he can comfortably fuck my pussy while sucking my breasts at the same time. We both were breathing heavier, occasionally stealing kisses. I got pretty loud I should say, I could not stifle my moans. I was feeling intense pleasure, he was so good at what he does. I leaned back and rode his cock as I watch him enjoy the moment. He looks so sexy with those piercing eyes and knowing looks. I played with my clit as I watch him admire the view, tits jiggling and his hard cock going in and out my pussy lips.

He then flipped me over and fucked me on all fours. He was so deep inside me and I can feel him hitting the spot. I felt him stretch my pussy lips with his cock. He really knows how to use it to satisfy his partner. Not long after that, I experienced my first orgasm courtesy of Mr. Flintstones. I let out a moan as I squeezed him in deeper and as I beg him to not stop fucking me. It felt so good, I want to do it again and again. Unbeknownst to me, he had that in mind too. While recovering from that mindblowing orgasm, he turned me on my back, lift my legs up, pulled me to his thighs, gathered and pulled my hair and entered me with long slow strokes as if teasing my pussy to want him more and more. I came again as I bit my lips in pleasure. He whispered to my ears as he continued to go in and out, "So are you going to come over here every week?" I let out a "Yes!" as another wave of pleasure is developing. Damn! He just knows how to fuck me good just the way I like it.

He then asked if we could do the 69. I answered by positioning my pussy on his mouth and took his hard cock inside my mouth. I tasted my pussy juice that coated his dick. I can't believe I am in bed with him and I can't believe he was licking my asshole too. I called out his name in utter pleasure. Boy oh boy, he got some skills! Impressive I should say.

As soon as I came for the fourth time, he pulled out and sprayed cum all over my chest and my belly. He wanted to cum inside my mouth but I told him to cum all over me. I could not forget the look on his face as he came. I felt too sexy being all flushed and as endorphin rushed through my every vein. Clearly, he was experiencing pleasure that's difficult to describe too. We then showered together before we fell asleep next to each other. 

"I totally enjoyed myself. Loved every stroke. Indulged myself in my healing. I knew next time he calls that I am going to meet him again in a heartbeat."

Now I am officially an addict. :-)

To be continued...

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