Monday, September 13, 2010

These Are My Confessions

I confess: I love sex, the rough and intense ones, hair pulling and all.

I am just a normal girl in this big world I am in. I am no party girl. Heck, you won't even think I love sex when you just look at me. I love sex and only the men I have been with Behind Closed Doors can attest to that. And the sexiest part of my body is well my brain and my boobies.

I love the ripple of anticipation that travels throughout my body as I sense the eventuality of things to happen. I love feeling that burning feeling inside me that needs to be satiated. The thought of a skillful tongue pleasuring every inch of my body and every nerve-endings I have sends me to convulsion. I love looking at a man's face when he is about to cum. I love it even more when he thrusts in so deep that he hits the spot.

And you can never go wrong if you let me cum first then again and again. You'll get a second helping from me and that's a guarantee. And oh I like 'em big and hard. 

Welcome to my blog as I take you to my wild side...Cum with me! 

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