Monday, September 13, 2010

Let's Call Him Mr. Flintstones, He Made My Bed Rock! Part 4

It's been 24 hours since I bathed in sexual bliss and I can still almost feel him inside me. I still get feverish just thinking about it. We kissed hard with our tongues twirling and pushing against each other in a savage duel. We made love like it could be the last chance that we have.

I have the following words to describe the kind of horizontal exercise I want: mind-blowing, headboard-crashing, multi-orgasmic, perception-altering, and if possible, one that can get me that much closer to an out-of-body experience. And he did give me all that.

Mr. Flintstones is a businessman who has been here in the country for almost a decade already. That explains why when he walked me to his front door, he playfully whispered "Masarap ka!"

Ahhhh, I can't get enough of you. Let me know when you want to ravage me again. I'd be your willing victim. Guess I am both starry-eyed and elated up to this point. I might as well play with myself...

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