Monday, September 13, 2010

Let's Call Him Mr. Flintstones, He Made My Bed Rock! Part 3

"Now I am officially an addict."

I long for the pain-and pleasure combo that some people reading this would most likely frown upon. I like it rough and hard with a good amount of biting, ass-slapping, sucking, hair-grabbing, and a stream of dirty talk thrown into the package. And we did just that. He was bound to really give me the pleasure I have been craving for. It's amazing that he knew what I wanted without us even talking about it. It was scorching in his room although the A/C was on and the fan was on the highest level too. Little sweat trickled down my face and his bod as we fuck each other with utter abandon. The intensity is well enough to light a furnace. We practically burned the sheets. He was a machine! I was pleased and awed at the same time. And so after that intense will to gratify each other, we showered and slept naked next to each other. 

He slept so peacefully. I was stealing glances at his cute lips. It's probably my most favorite part of his face. It was enticing me to kiss it without even him trying to. I fell asleep soon after. I may even have dreamt while asleep but I totally forgot about it. I think I slept with a smile on my face despite the emotions that's been running inside my broken heart. 

I woke up with his gentle tugging of the covers as he was removing them away from my hands. He grabbed my right hand and let me feel his semi-erect cock. I licked the palm of my hand before I gave him some gentle stroking. That went on for a good couple of minutes and his hardness was so inviting I had to have him inside my mouth again. He made me too hungry for him. His cock is beautiful. Just about the size that would bring me glorious spasms. Oh did I tell you he didn't smell funky down there? He didn't have the bleach-odor that I certainly detest so I happily blew him and even attempted to defy my gag reflex and brought him deep down my throat. 

I then positioned my body on top of him. I loved giving him the "jiggling boobie show" as I see his face light up when I do. He entered my wet ever-ready pussy in a stroke that made me moan so hard. His meat is starting to become a favorite. And this is the reason why I love sleepy-sex all the more. You'll never know what to expect. My inner thighs clench and unclench as the overwhelming wave of orgasm threaten to drown out my other senses one minute, while making every pore in my body acutely aware of every known element in the atmosphere. He has clearly mastered pleasuring his playmate and I am the lucky one for the day. And I like it all the more when he asks me how his cock feels inside me. Of course, I said "It feels so good, I don't want you to stop what you're doing." And he would indulge me...

He didn't have that mammoth-sized cock but he was a sexual dynamo. He took me to levels of passion I didn't know existed. For the first time since I got devirginized and I mean this with full conviction,  it dawned on me that "orgasm" isn't a mirage - a fallacy perpetrated by advertising. It's real. And it's about to happen to me again for the nth time this sleepy Sunday morning. I like his cock, not monstrous, but just about enough to make me feel completely filled-out. He had the skill, enthusiasm, and willingness to try new things, I suppose. If I am thinking straight I think he tried to prep my other orifice as I felt him massaging it. It felt good but I don't think I am ready to be explored back there. 

We tried several other positions and he gave me multiple orgasms again. Oh it was glorious. I could sing praises for him. I tried to stifle my moans with the pillow by covering my face but he removed it and planted a kiss on my lips. I guess he wants to see me finally lose control. For the record, he's by far the best fuck I have ever had. 

He just put me on the brink of sexual insanity.

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