Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Lovin'

What are your thoughts on birthday sex? Well, I think it's fun to wake up and be greeted with some gentle lovin aint it? have you given anyone a birthday sex gift? Let's face it, it's the easiest gift to give. You need not line up and wrap it all up. No-brainer for the most part. All you need to be armed with would be energy to last long and sincerity to convey your love and passion.

But what do you exactly do when you really want to give someone some birthday loving but that someone is perched on a chair somewhere so far. It gets frustrating sometimes but you got to learn to just deal with it or else it will drive you crazy, mad even. Oh yes, I am talking about long distance relationship. Yes, the relationship that makes you rack up hefty phone and courier bills. If all things fail there's always Skype (then again it's another story). Yeah, I just learned that my most trusted courier here in the Philippines does not ship anything other than documents to where my boyfriend is so I guess the boy has to be content with letters and cards and the teeniest unwashed undies for the time being. Yeah. the last one was a joke.

Good thing, EdenFantasys is just around the corner. Here is your chance to give the gift of absolute pleasure! What better way to show your appreciation for someone close to you than with one of their adorable gift cards. There are four gift card amounts to choose from: $25, $50, $75 and $100 - something for every budget. And, best of all, your Eden Fantasys gift card will never expire! Give pleasure today! I can send it to him and have him choose something he can use or if this doesn't fly then I can always buy something for myself and give him the show of his life. Haha!

C'mon give EdenFantasys a once over. You'll be hooked like me.

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