Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Torment Me

Fingers curled into the table. Hips trying to lift upwards. He was teasing her. He took his cock in hand and rubbed it over her. Letting her feel the heat of his dripping cock, loving how their juices mixed. Hhis other hand spreading those thighs wider for him. Such beauty and it was his. Slowly he slid the head of his cock down along her slit, slowly working her body open. Pressing the head just inside. She was burning with desire, it took everything he had not to shove himself into her. To forcibly take her and rape her willing body. He looked up at her face to see the intense pleasure. His name was whimpered on her lips as she begged to be fucked. Such a good little girl she was. Hips slowly rocked, but only teasing her. Only giving her that little bit of him. He reached down and dragged his nail over her clit. Her body jerked upwards. Her hands slamming down against the table. Her lust had taken over, she attempted to move her hips. To push into him to take him… He was having none of that. He merely chuckled and slapped her cunt. “Now… now, little one, I could always pull out and leave you aching” they both knew he could and would. He was her sadisitc tormentor. - Masochistic Beauty

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