Monday, February 14, 2011

Dry Run

Okay, so it's been almost three months since I got some action in the bedroom so I am running on dry right now. Haha! Sorry, I couldn't be any more witty with the title of this post. I have played a few times over the last couple of days though all the while thinking of my boyfriend. Ah, I miss his tongue all over me and his cock inside me. Well, it's not because he is avoiding me that's why there's no action for me. It's because we need to spend airmiles just to be with each other. Oh yeah, that's more than 7,000 miles away from each other.

Anyway, I won't bore you with this little story of mine. I will blog again in the next few days. I'll try to make this regular though. Who knows I may be generous enough to host some giveaway soon. This is to thank all my readers for continuing to visit my blog and read my posts. Hey, comment when you can to... :-)

Anyway, here's some pics you can all ogle:

For this position, I would much rather have my ass propped on a pillow that like this. Then again, I enjoy this at times. 

I like this position a lot because it maintains eye contact and my boy can fondle my breasts as well as kiss me on the lips. Not to mention how deep he can go inside too plus the clitoral stimulation. One of the positions I've been craving for. 

One of the fantasies I have in my head. I haven't tried this yet. Maybe soon... (Baby, are you reading this?) Hint Hint! 

Who says no to some pussy licking? 

And this ladies and gentlemen, pervs and prudes, is my FAVORITE position of all time. With matching hair pulling and ass-slapping. I love how my boyfriend gets so deep inside and hits all the right spots. I also like it when he reaches in front and fondles my clit. Oh just perfect! This is the last memory I have in my mind when we last had sex almost three months ago only I was propped on a chair facing the glass walls of our room with the busy traffic outside. Ah, we're on the 5th floor so nothing scandalous happened. :-) 

I hope y'all have a great Valentines day. Me and the boy just talked over Skype. Oh yeah, no Skype sex. :-) Maybe next time...Until then, gotta get the fingers busy. 

NOTE: All photos are from Flickr and are not mine. These photos are just for illustrative purposes. Thank you to the rightful owners. 

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