Saturday, February 19, 2011


“Now take it in your mouth,” he told her.

“I did it before,” she thought as she moved her mouth towards the tip of his cock. “It wasn’t so bad.” She covered the tip of his cock with her lips and then she pressed her tongue against it. She paused for a few seconds to get used to how it felt and then she slowly lowered her head until she had three inches of hard cock in her mouth. “Oh, God,” she thought as she began bobbing her head up and down. “I’m sucking his cock. I’m really sucking his cock.” She was thinking of stopping when she heard him moan softly. It excited her and she felt her pussy getting wet as she took another inch of his cock into her mouth.

“Very good,” he said to her. “You’re a natural at sucking cock. Now rub it on your face while you catch your breath.” She realized she had been breathing through her nose while his cock was in her mouth and she was panting as she let it slide from her mouth. - Eros Painter

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